Vision, mission and values


Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of Cyprus economy by building market businesses through our focused approach. Professional integrity in all our financial and business matters constitutes one of our core strengths.

We believe in developing strong partnerships with local businesses. Our commitment to our partners is a core component of our success, and we continually focus on nurturing them with trust and disciplined business practices.

Our vision is to contribute to the sustainable development of Cyprus and European economies by building market-leading businesses through our focused approach, and continuous enhancement of our shareholders’ value.


Guided by relentless focus on our core principles, we will constantly strive to implement the critical initiatives required to achieve our vision as well to maximize the value of the Company and aim for sustainable growth by sharing the Company’s strategies with each company, moving forward together in the same direction.

Our mission is to carry out investments projects in the domestic and international markets in accordance with the highest global quality standards, guided by the principles of professional ethics. We draw on our strong team experience and the network of our principal investors to generate superior returns for our stakeholders.

Unibaltic Holding Ltd aims to invest in and build a portfolio of sustainable investments, driven by established goals to build shareholder value, mindful of its social, economic and environmental responsibilities, as it remains to be committed to integrity, honesty and fairness in all dealings with its stakeholders.


1. Integrity and Transparency.

We will conduct all business transactions to the highest ethical standards, always living up to commitments.

2. Humility and Perseverance.

We will always live up to the core values of humility and perseverance. Success will not lead to arrogance or overconfidence and setbacks will be met with perseverance and determination.

3. Communication.

We hold ourselves accountable to our stakeholders and sincerely accept their opinions, reflecting them in our corporate management.

4. Financial Discipline.

We will continue to live up to our principles of financial discipline. This will be achieved through a solid commitment to keeping the Group’s entities well capitalized, maintaining a conservative financial leverage strategy and making sure all commitments are met on time.