About US


Unibaltic Holding Limited, a Cypriot based Company, was established in November 2010 and registered under registry no HE 276120 by the Department of Registrar of Companies. The office is located in Limassol – a heart of marine and business in Cyprus.

The cause for creating the Company was a desire to increase the profits in several Cyprus maritime companies, increase their efficiency, to capitalize on the rapidly changing and evolving Cyprus marketplaces and to invest in the significant opportunities arising regionally. Companies are involved in Shipping activities, they are the owners of several oil / chemical stainless steel tankers. If you are interested in this aspect of our business please contact us.

The objects for which the Company was established are:
1. to carry on the business of an investment holding company and for that purpose to acquire and to hold as an investment, immovable property, shares, stock, debentures, debentures stock, bands, notes and obligations;
2. to provide or assist in providing financial services – dealing in investments, managing investments, giving investment advice or establishing and operating collective intestments schemes;
3. deal in matters relating to the purchase or in any other way asquisition, sale, exchange, conversaion, swap, options or other dealing or transaction of any nature od description in respect of any currencies, commodities, exchange rates, interests rates, bonds, debentures, shares, equity;
4. to carry on all kinds of promotion business and in particular to form, constitute, float, lend money to assist and control any companies, associations;
5. to carry on the business as business consultants, market research consultants, business transfer agents, providers of Technical aid and sales promotion assistance of all kinds.

Unibaltic Holding Ltd has always been a firm believer in the potential of Cyprus economies which have recently been attracting growing interest from major investment groups worldwide.

Owners message

Our sphere of focus is directed to countries which have registered impressive GDP growth rates in recent years. Moreover, these economies offer a significant untapped potential for abundant investment opportunities.
Local expertise and understanding of the Cyprus and other UE countries’ economies are evidently at the core of our business. Moreover, being deeply rooted in the region enables us to play an effective role as agents of economic development.
We are proud of what Unibaltic Holding Ltd has accomplished so far. But we are never satisfied. Never content to rest on our laurels. We will continue to create ever more value for our customers. We strive to lay a solid corporate governance foundation in the region in which we operate by strictly adhering to policies and procedures that determine the best practices and ethical standards in achieving transparency in all our business matters. Moreover, we strongly believe in building a corporate culture that fosters partnerships that emerge through transparency and excellence.
Our aim is to support our companies in their development to become and stay the reference in their industry. So that they are still relevant decades from now. We believe this approach benefits all stakeholders, from our employees to our share
holders and from our suppliers to our clients. Efficient capital allocation is a second key activity for Unibaltic Holding Ltd. It reaches beyond capital expenditure or other operational projects and includes an active acquisition strategy. Not only do we pursue acquisition opportunities linked to our existing businesses, but we also explore new industries where our insights show prospects for long-term value creation.


Board of directors

Eva Agathangelou

Adam Barecki

Eleni Phedonos